Level Two

Make these changes to improve the system. You won’t be all the way to a full system, but it will cover most of what matters. The ones marked (*) are the most important.

Improved Responses to Intermediate Openers

  1. (*) See Imprecise Precision for a description of the full 1♦ opener responses. Add gradually as you are comfortable with them. Most are rare. Be aware that these responses are not standardized – you’ll find other Precision players with many other schemes.
  2. Expand the defense to an overcall to our 2♣! opener to as much Lebensohl as you can handle. (See Imprecise Precision.)
  3. Add to the 2♦! - 2N! responses:
    • 3♠ shows a 4=4=0=5 hand, exactly.
    • 3N shows a 4=4=1=4 hand with 15 points and the Ace or King of Diamonds.

Improved Responses to One Club Openers

  1. Interchange the meanings of the positive responses 1♣! - 1♠!(notrump) and 1♣! -1N(clubs)!.

    It is easiest to just play this switch off if they overcall.

  2. Change the 4414 bids as follows:

    • 1♣! - 3♣! shows a black singleton 4441 hand, 8+ HCP
    • 1♣! - 3♦! shows a red singleton 4441 hand, 8+ HCP.

    Opener can bid the next suit up to ask which suit has the singleton. One step shows the lower of the two suits, a second step the higher. For example:

    1♣! - 3♣!(4441, black singleton, 8+ HCP)
    3♦!(inquires) - 3♥!(club singleton)

    Recall that 2♥ and 2♠ are 4-6 HCP in the suit, highly invitational. That’s why these “rattlesnake” (4441) bids start at 3♣.

    Again, this is off after an overcall.

After Positive Suit Responses

  • When responder shows a positive response in a suit by bidding 1♥!(hearts), 1N!(spades), 2♣, or 2♦, if opener bids that suit it confirms support for it and asks for a count of controls. Counting an Ace as 2, and a King as 1, responder bids as many steps as this minus one. So, the first step up shows 2 controls or less (that is, at most an Ace or two Kings), the second step shows 3 controls, etc. This request is called Beta(2), the number in parentheses showing the max number for one step.

    Example: Responder holds ♠KQx ♥AJT42 ♦A52 ♣93. In response to the 1♣! opener, he bids 1♥:

    1♣! - 1♥!(5+ hearts, 8+ points)
    2♥ - 3♦!(five controls)

    In spades this example would be:

    1♣! - 1N!(5+ spades, 8+ points)
    2♠ - 3♥!(five controls)

    What happens next is complicated in the full system, but it will work fine if opener bids again below game to start cue bidding with slam interest. At this point it is opener who will know most of the time if slam is not possible, so responder does not ask for Aces. 4N later by opener asks for the lowest suit containing a control.

  • If opener does not support responder’s choice of suit, bidding continues naturally.

After Positive Notrump Responses

After a positive 1♠! response showing a balanced hand, opener’s bid of 1N agrees trump and shows 16-18 HCP. A jump 2N shows 22-24 HCP (because with 19-21 HCP, he would have opened 2N). Puppet Stayman is on but not transfers, because responder does not have a good five-card suit or they would have transfered to it.